Eating out in Paris

Les Enfants Rouges


This time in Paris I made a dinner reservation at Les Enfants Rouges, a restaurant on the northern edge of Marais ( 9 rue de Beauce). It is a French restaurant run by a Japanese chef and has a cozy casual atmosphere, friendly and efficient service provided by the Japanese staff. Being Japanese myself, it was funny to experience the efficiency in a French restaurant!

I chose seafood for both the first and the main course from the menu and it was superb. The variety of tastes were enhanced by the subtle and discreet addition of Japanese ingredients that truly made it special. Visually it was equally pleasing; the combinations of colours and shapes, all delicately composed and presented with utmost care. The dessert was beautiful and tasty. The portions are not large, but because of the rich variety of tastes, it is very satisfying. I would certainly go back to this restaurant. (

For lunch, I ate at my regular address; the udon bistro Kunitoraya at 1 rue Villedo, about 5 minutes walk from the metro station Pyramide. ( This is a small casual restaurant on a side street from Rue Saint-Anne which is essentially a “little Asia”. It has grocery shops, book stores, travel agencies, bakeries, many many restaurants, mostly of Chinese, Japanese or Korean origin. The competition between the restaurants is fierce as there are so many similar restaurants, but Kunitoraya has a good reputation among the French and there is a long line up of clients in front almost any time of the day. I think there was a time I waited about an hour in the rain, but generally it’s not that bad. Unfortunately they don’t take reservations.  

I find the taste of the homemade bouillon and the right consistency of the noodles crucial for a good udon. At Kunitoraya I was never disappointed and when I go to Paris on a concert tour, colleagues love to join me as well. This time I had tenzaru udon ( cold noodle version), which is a tempura udon, but tempura comes separately so that it won’t get soggy from the sauce. The crispy tempura with fresh vegetables and big prawns in combination with udon is lovely. For the same in hot version is Kamaten-Udon, highly recommended!

Tenzaru Udon @ Kunitoraya